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Brad Amburn is a multifunctional designer who delivers trusted design solutions across platforms. His experience spans many creative initiatives including brand and logo development, website design and optimization, marketing, and grassroots campaigns. 

brand development

Whitman-Walker Health

Objective: Establish a modern and engaging brand that reflects the organization's commitment to providing excellent health care and health education to its community. 


Whitman-Walker Health (WWH), a prominent local care and research organization in Washington, D.C., tapped me to re-conceptualize its image, build a new brand book, and develop new collateral based on those specifications. The new branding sets out to reflect WWH’s unwavering commitment to excellence and compassion by building a visual presence that: 

  •  effectively informs patients of the health services they need;
  • engages Whitman-Walker’s dynamic and urban community;
  • reflects the organization’s prowess with high-caliber design;
  • ensures consistency across Whitman-Walker’s diverse services.

American Immigration Lawyers Association

Objective: Modernize the organization’s branding guidelines and collateral to be more engaging, cohesive, and professional, making AILA stand out as a leader in the field of immigration law.


After several years of membership growth and internal expansion, it was time for AILA to revisit its brand from a creative perspective. A small team including myself was tasked to unite the AILA brand across departments and modernize the organization’s collateral. I helped establish a new creative direction, led focus groups and presentations on the redesign, compiled and wrote the brand book, as well as implement changes. 

By layering classic architecture with geometric patterns and vibrant color, the team created a modern visual aesthetic that makes AILA stand out as a leader in the field of immigration law.


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