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Brad Amburn is a multifunctional designer who delivers trusted design solutions across platforms. His experience spans many creative initiatives including brand and logo development, website design and optimization, marketing, and grassroots campaigns. 

about brad

I am multifunctional designer who delivers quality design solutions across platforms. My experience spans a range of creative initiatives, including brand development, website optimization, marketing, and grassroots campaigns. 

My goal: to maximize your connection with your audience. 

As a designer, I strive for innovative, high-quality deliverables that are not only visually appealing, but also representative of your identity. My journalism training boosts this ability to convey a message and relate it to viewers. 

Currently, I work with a variety of clients as a designer and creative consultant on a freelance basis. My 10 years of experience includes renovating brands, building and launching communication campaigns, optimizing user interfaces, and designing for editorial initiatives. 

I look forward to hearing from you and providing answers to your creative needs.



“Brad provided invaluable support with our organization’s re-branding needs, including the development of a branding guide and all new print collateral. He is extremely thorough, methodical and pays attention to details, which is hugely important in any field, but especially so in medical domain. I can’t recommend Brad highly enough to assist with your design needs!” 

—Shawn Jain, Director of Communications, Whitman-Walker Health



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