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Brad Amburn is a multifunctional designer who delivers trusted design solutions across platforms. His experience spans many creative initiatives including brand and logo development, website design and optimization, marketing, and grassroots campaigns. 

ux design

FunRun App

Objective: Running is more than finish times and calories burned. It's about the adventure. FunRun outfits all levels of runners with a reliable tool to explore the environment around them.

I developed the FunRun app prototype as part of my user experience (UX) design education. My work on the project included background and user research, persona development, competitive analysis, content strategy, user flow, wireframing, and prototyping. I set out to accomplish the following goals:

  • Enhance the running experience by adding adventure
  • Reduce the monotony of workouts.
  • Introduce new ‘go-to’ routes to runners.
  • Maintain multi-functionality capabilities.

Groundswell global research

Objective: Design logo and website for new international humanitarian and development research organization.

Groundswell provides clients with custom research products at each stage of the international humanitarian and development program cycles. With the aid of the founder's stunning photography in the field, I delivered what he describes as a "fresh, concise, visually-appealing package" to present to potential clients. Services included content review, competition analysis, prototyping, design, and testing.


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